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Thank you for your kind interest in us. Let us help you to understand what we are:

  • • We at, make life easier for both Tutor as well as student by providing an interface to organize the unstructured market of tuitions and professional training providers - both institutes and individuals.
  • • We provide an online platform to connect students and teachers. Here, we provide huge and trusted database of teacher's profile with contact details.
  • • We serve a wide range of categories including School or College Tuitions, Exam Entrance, Sports, Computer Training, Dance, Music, Photography, Painting, Cooking, Yoga, and many others.
  • • has enabled a Linkedin-like platform for the teaching community where individual trainers or institutes can create profiles, add skills or experience details get recommendations from past students, showcase their class videos, add photo galleries of classes or workshops, upload online courses or conduct trainings and workshops.
  • • enables you to overcome the disadvantage of the commission agents charging high commissions in-between the Tutor-Student.
  • • Our vision is to create a professional platform, where people can share their knowledge and skills with others looking to build them in order to generate income for teachers and skill providers, improve employability and create an active learning eco-system in India. We believe that education may stop at some point in your life, but learning shouldn’t.



I am a Student! is dedicated to fulfill academic and professional dreams of students. With us, finding a private home tutor (or tuition) is few clicks away. Find suitable match as per your requirements. Our dedicated team is committed to provide the best out of best services to you. We believe that a confident mind is the source of all power & if the child is over-stressed with education, homework & other things then the pace of development slows down. Our Teachers/Mentors are committed to help each child succeed in the field of education with zero stress on studies so that they can also concentrate on other activities like personality development, group abilities, and interactivity with fellow students, games, dances, hobbies, computers & other fields/activities of interests.


I am a Tutor/Institute! helps you acquire your students in a faster, easier and cost effective way. Now if you wonder how we can do this then next fact is your answer. This is how we help making you grow professionally:

  •  We will advertise in the classifieds section of Indian newspaper to promote this website to students and parents who are seeking tutors. The same way that agents use to get their leads. You will list your profile on this website. Since parents and students can see your profile online, they can contact you directly. Therefore, you can deal with the parents and students without an agent as a middleman.
  •  When your profile is published online, there is no limit to the number of students / parents in India who contact you. That means you can have as many students as you want. Not only that, you get to pick and choose among the students / parents that have contacted you for the most suitable choices.
  •  Therefore you can avoid problems such as inconvenient tuition location or time. Furthermore, you get to negotiate the terms directly with the students / parents (such as tuition fee, schedule etc.). In short, you get more control, more choices and more students. Put your name on, and put more money in your pocket.

Where we fit?

  •  If you are a Student – Tuitionguru provides access to wide database where you can have access to tutor/teaching institutes as per your specifications.
  •  If you are Tutor – TuitionGuru provides access to a large variety of tuition jobs available. You can select which student you would like to teach.
  •  If you are a Teaching Institute – TuitionGuru provides access to find specific tutors as well as students for your institute.
  •  If you are a Tuition Bureau – You can have access to various useful resources after becoming TG Partner which will allow you to grow yourself as a Tuition Bureau.

Facts on which we work:

TuitionGuru server to cater educational & learning requirements for everyone.

  • • Education is an investment of a lifetime. Child’s Education is very important.
  • • Parents are finding less time to tutor their children.
  • • School teachers cater to a group of students and are not individual.
  • • An experienced Tutor easily fulfills the student’s all educational needs.
  • • There is at home convenience, daily monitoring and better results hiring a personal tutor.

TuitionGuru is your advertiser

TuitionGuru serves to grow your potential as we advertise to make you more popular. We regularly advertise in the top newspaper classifieds in the education section. It makes your profile visible to frequently growing visitors which in turn are students/ parents looking for a helping hand to fulfill their learning requirements.

Tuitionguru popularity makes you more popular

Tuitionguru is available as a trustworthy partner throughout the country as well as web. Due to its popularity Tuitionguru is placed among top listings of the best search engine results. So such popularity of TuitionGuru helps you to become more popular as a Tutor. To be in listing of the top learning service provider makes your chances a lot higher to get selected by the students as a Tutor/Teaching Institute.

Say no to commissions

When you work with Tuitionguru, you don’t have to even think about the commissions as we remove the financial costing of the middlemen between students & tutors/institutes. Now, TuitionGuru is the interface between students & tutors which is available at no cost to you. Every contact details are made available directly to the appropriate user.

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