What is TuitionGuru Affiliate Marketing?
The TuitionGuru affiliate program is a great way for you to earn commissions by referring users to the TuitionGuru.com.You can refer & earn using various easy yet efficient methods:
Place your TG Referral Banner on your websites/blogs.
Share your TG Referral link on Social media services i.e Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, Whatsapp etc
Tell your collegues/friends about TuitionGuru & share your referral link with them at registration phase.
Post your TuitionGuru Referral Link to various forums & share your reviews about TuitionGuru.
Making money as an affiliate is a snap. Unlimited earning potential!
Start earning by referring 5 students with published learning requirements.
Earn 10 % commission on New joinings under paid subscription by your referral.
Earn assured commissions on any purchase of any product/service like addon, study material etc by your referred member.
Get your group work together and go for Team Income earnings.
Get periodic rewards & promotional offers as per the performance.


Still have questions in mind?    Read more detailed incomes description below or refer to our Frequently Asked Questions Section
Affiliate Plans

You can start generating income using TuitionGuru services as soon as you join TuitionGuru. Either you are under Free Subscription or you are under Paid Subscription, you can generate income by using our affiliate marketing program. You can generate income on TuitionGuru by various ways mentioned below:

  • Free Affiliate Income

    This income program offers you to earn as soon as you join TuitionGuru. After successful registration of your account, whenever you refer first 5 students to join TuitionGuru services, then you will get eligible for 100 TG e-Points in your account. This Income generation has no limitation so you can earn this income unlimited times. A set of simple rules apply to get eligible for Free Affiliate Income:

    • If the new joining is a STUDENT, then the member joining will only be considered as eligible for Free Affiliate Income if it is an published profile with active learning requirements on TuitionGuru. i.e The student must have have completed his student profile with completed 3-steps verification process:

      •   In the first step the Email of the student must be verified.
      •   In the second step the Mobile Number of the student must be verified.
      •   In the third step the student must have posted an active learning requirement/need. .

Paid Affiliate Income

This income program offers you to earn when you have achieved Free Affiliate Income specified in above section. After successful registration of your account, when minimum 5 students are joined under your referral, then whenever a student from your downline gets upgraded to a paid subscription pack offered by TuitionGuru, then you will get eligible to get 300 TG e-Points for every member upgraded in your account. Paid Affiliate Income also applies whenever a new paid subscription joining is made by your referral. You can check your referral downline & earnings reports in your dashboard area.

Team Income

Team Income is the earnings generated by the members joined in your downline i.e whenever a member joins TuitionGuru by your reference then he/she becomes an active member of your team & you will be benifited from any paid transactions like purchase/repurchase of addons, study materials etc done by that particular member on TuitionGuru. A 5-level team income criteria is followed for generation of Team Income. 40% of the Add-Ons amount will be distributed as Team Income. Mentioned projection is based on Add-Ons Pack containing Rs 100/- as Team Income. It would be distributed on every re-purchase of Add-Ons Pack.

       Duplicate Entries or any kind of illegal activity done in order to generate Affiliate Income is liable to permanent deactivation of account without prior warning.
       Any rule & regulation can be changed without any notice.